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Provence Countryside Watercolor 230202

Katja de Bruijn

The bright summer days in the rural countryside of Provence, with sweet and colorful fragrant strokes of lavender. Small rural houses, nestled in the shade of trees, their roofs painted in a warm, rust hue.

This collection of beautifully crafted artworks with rich texture, soft washes of color blending, and charming palette, is perfect for adding a touch of warm Provence winds to any room. The set of 4 matching artworks in the same theme makes it easy to create a harmonious gallery wall, or to choose a favorite, as well as to gift to a friend or loved one as a thoughtful gesture.

I recommend printing watercolor art on matte textured paper like Hahnemühle William Turner or Museum Etching (shown on pictures). You could certainly also create stunning home décor with them, like throw pillows or trays, they will look amazing.

After purchase, you will be directly able to download 4 high-resolution files, one for each artwork. The JPEG files have an aspect ratio of 2:3 and the dimensions of 4500 x 3000 pixels @300 dpi, which is nearly 14 megapixels. The files are sharp and perfect for prints up to 20 and even 30 inches, depending on your lab’s requirements.
4500 x 3000 pixels @300 dpi translates to 10’’ x 15’’
4500 x 3000 pixels @200 dpi translates to 15’’ x 22’’
4500 x 3000 pixels @150 dpi translates to 20’’ x 30’’

While I cannot offer custom resizing or recoloring, you can easily print the files at a lab with the following dimensions:

6’’ x 9’’
9’’ x 12’’
10’’ x 15’’
12’’ x 18’’
16’’ x 24’’
20’’ x 30’’

5’’ x 7’’
8’’ x 10’’
11’’ x 14’’
16’’ x 20’’
18’’ x 24’’

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4500 x 3000 px @300 dpi
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Provence Countryside Watercolor 230202

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