Rose Scented Wax Tablet

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Rose Scented Wax Tablet

Katja de Bruijn

ROSE is a single-note floral scent with dry, earthy and musky nuances of a fresh garden rose, including leaves. This elegant linear fragrance is perfect for your wardrobe or bathroom. You can perfectly combine it with other floral, fruity and woody scented accents around your home. Create romantic atmosphere with the feminine yet sleek design. Pure soy wax is embellished with ground rose petals & leaves, and some other botanicals.

I’m sure you will love my wax tablets for the choice of scents and designs! They are prepared with traditional methods, convenient in use, generously scented and highly decorative. A tablet will be releasing refreshing fragrance for a few months to a few years*, saving you from the mess of potpourri and the dangers of fire. Just hang this beauty in a desired space, large or small (wardrobe or shop, bathroom or living room, pantry, hallway etc.) to allow elegant scent circulate around.

✦ Price is for 1 tablet. Measures 4 x 8 cm. One-sided design with smooth texture and pre-tied satin ribbon.
✦ Poured and decorated by hand with love in Holland, in small numbered batches.
✦ Enjoy lovely letterbox** packaging & traceable shipping.

* Scent’s lifetime depends on formula and environment.
**Larger orders may be shipped as a parcel.

✦ Keep the product away from children and pets.
✦ Do not eat. Do not use for skincare purposes.
✦ Fragile, handle with care. Keep out of direct sunlight and high temperatures. Not recommended for cars.
✦ Avoid contact with costly, absorbent and heated surfaces.
✦ For distinct aroma, make sure to start using right after purchase. Otherwise, store in airtight container before using or gifting.

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Scented Wax Tablet

Fragrance Oil
Rose Petals, Rose Leaves, Black Tea, Herbs
4 x 8 cm
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