Rose Geranium Wax Tablet

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Rose Geranium Wax Tablet

Katja de Bruijn

ROSE GERANIUM is a classic floral and a perfect choice for people who in principle love roses, but would want something more complex, earthy and orris-like.

I’m sure you will love my wax tablets for the choice of scents and designs! They are prepared with traditional methods, convenient in use, generously scented and highly decorative. A tablet will be releasing refreshing fragrance for a few months to a few years*, saving you from the mess of potpourri and the dangers of fire. Just hang this beauty in a desired space, large or small (wardrobe or shop, bathroom or living room, pantry, hallway etc.) to allow elegant scent circulate around.

✦ Price is for 1 tablet. Measures 4 x 8 cm. One-sided design with smooth texture and pre-tied satin ribbon.
✦ Poured and decorated by hand with love in Holland, in small numbered batches.
✦ Enjoy lovely letterbox** packaging & traceable shipping.

* Scent’s lifetime depends on formula and environment.
**Larger orders may be shipped as a parcel.

✦ Keep the product away from children and pets.
✦ Do not eat. Do not use for skincare purposes.
✦ Fragile, handle with care. Keep out of direct sunlight and high temperatures. Not recommended for cars.
✦ Avoid contact with costly, absorbent and heated surfaces.
✦ For distinct aroma, make sure to start using right after purchase. Otherwise, store in airtight container before using or gifting.

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Scented Wax Tablet

Fragrance Oil
Black Tea, Chia Seeds
4 x 8 cm
Satin Black
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